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칭찬의 표현 English

Good[Nice] job! / Well done! / Good work! / Way to go! / Great! / Excellent! / (어린아이에게) Good boy[girl]!잘했어요!
Awesome! / Incredible! / Amazing! / Fantastic! / Wonderful!너무 멋졌어요!
You''re the best. / You''re number one. / You''re out of this world.당신이 최고예요
You''re doing a great job so far. / You''re hanging in there! / So far so good.잘하고 있어요
I''m proud of you. / You make me so proud.당신이 자랑스러워요
You did really well[a good job] on the presentation.오늘 발표 참 잘했어요
You''re a good singer[cook].노래[요리]를 참 잘하시네요
Nice job on your homework.숙제를 참 잘했구나
You are the master of marketing.당신은 정말 마케팅의 달인 같아요
That was very good for your first time.처음치고는 아주 잘했어요
You are a quick[fast] learner. / You pick things up quick.참 빨리 배우시는군요
칭찬에 대한 응답
Thank you for the compliment. / Thank you for your kind words.칭찬해 주셔서 감사합니다
Thanks for the pat on the back. / I appreciate your trying to encourage me.격려해 주시니 감사합니다
I''m flattered. / You''re flattering me.과찬이십니다
I''ll keep on trying my best. / I''ll try and get better. / I''ll give it my all.앞으로 더 잘할게요


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